About us


Fusion strives to become internationally renowned for providing meetings of outstanding scientific quality, bringing together smaller interest groups to create informal and workshop style interactions, bridging a gap in the scientific conference community.

About Us

Fusion is a scientific conference organiser offering both physical and virtual style meetings. We specialise in meetings within the academic and corporate industry for those working at the forefront of physical, medical, life sciences and their related technologies.

Both our physical and virtual meetings offer a friendly and welcoming environment for fellow researchers to come together to share unpublished data, challenge theories, discuss controversial subjects and above all, create flourishing collaborations.

Our in-person meetings attract an intimate audience size of approximately 70 participants, encouraging workshop style interactions and delivering a more intense scientific experience unlike larger conferences. Our venues promote interaction/socialisation and provide a tranquil setting for scientists to unite, recharge and innovate.

Our virtual meetings appeal to a much wider community. Fusion Online is more accessible, more convenient and more affordable. We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities virtual meetings offer. Advantages include; reduced carbon footprints, no visas, no travel restrictions or travel related costs and more affordable registration fees. Most importantly, our smaller research communities now have a platform to connect, communicate and collaborate.

By offering both physical and virtual meeting styles, we hope we have catered for everyone, making the Fusion community as inclusive as possible. We believe this will strengthen relationships and collaborations for our delegates who attend either style of meeting.

Whichever style of conference you opt for, rest assured we will provide you with an unforgettable meeting experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings soon.

The Fusion Family


Fusion Conferences was founded in March 2012 by the current Directors. One of our distinguishable attributes is that we are a family-run organisation offering a very friendly and personal service to each and every delegate. Our office is located in the UK just outside of Cambridge, home to our Conference Managers, Conference Coordinator, Marketing Manager and the Fusion Directors.

The first Fusion conference took place in Arizona, USA in October 2013 titled ‘Drug Discovery Re-Invented’. Since then, Fusion have organised 83 in-person scientific conferences to date spanning a variety of disciplines including Chemistry, Biology, Environmental and Medical sciences.

In May 2021, we launched Fusion Online, our virtual conference platform. Following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realised there was a long term need for both virtual and in-person meetings. Which lead us to developing our very own virtual conference platform, tailored to the specific needs of academic meetings which we can continue to shape and improve as our virtual meetings evolve.

Although we are a UK based organisation we strive on building a global outreach within the scientific community. We have organised conferences in North America, South America, Africa and Europe and we hope to announce our first Asian conference venue soon. With the recent launch of Fusion Online, we hope to widen our reach even further, making the Fusion community as inclusive and accessible as possible.