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Upcoming conferences

Date: 19th to 21st October 2021 (London, UK)

4th Interventions in Aging Virtual Conference

The aging field encompasses a wide range of biology, involving many model organisms and, with respect to mammals, the involvement of many tissues. In addition, translational strategies to modify the rate of aging range from lifestyle change to drugs and, more recently stem cell-based therapeutics. As such, there is an abiding need to bring together scientists across diverse fields with the purpose of providing a clear overview of the state of basic research in aging and the development of translational strategies. The goal is to create cross-fertilization between scientists in different areas, accelerating the development of interventions that extend human health span.

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11th October 2021

Date: 01st to 03rd November 2021 (London, UK)

2nd Targeting Therapy of Alzheimer’s and Related Neurodegenerative Diseases Virtual Conference

This conference will provide a unique forum for the research community, focusing on translational studies geared towards therapies in AD and related neurodegenerative diseases so they can come together to discuss the latest advances and the future challenges in the field.  

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11th October 2021

Date: 08th to 09th November 2021 (London, UK)

2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Virtual Conference

The second Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis (CDCC-2) will bring together academic and industrial experts focusing on the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into value-added products. The conference will feature several relevant topics dealing with either heterogeneous, homogeneous or hybrid forms of catalytic solutions for the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers and energy vectors.

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18th October 2021

Date: 17th to 19th November 2021 (London, UK)

2nd Ubiquitin Function in Health and Disease Virtual Conference

Rather than discussing mainly structural aspects of the ubiquitin system, this conference is dedicated to the study of functional roles of the ubiquitin system, how it works to ensure normal signal transduction, what are the pathological consequences when it is perturbed and how can we harness our knowledge of the ubiquitin system therapeutically for more efficacious treatment of diseases with high unmet clinical need, including cancer, chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorders as well as neurodegenerative diseases.

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27th October 2021

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